La Course aux Nombres is an esteemed mental activity competition, designed to challenge and engage the brightest students across the region through a series of 30 carefully curated mental and reflective calculation questions. Participants are given a strict timeframe of just 10 minutes to showcase their mathematical prowess, making it a true test of skill, speed, and accuracy.

The Lycée International de Houston takes immense pride in our students’ remarkable achievement in this prestigious event. Our talented 5th and 8th graders emerged as second-place winners, demonstrating exceptional mathematical abilities and strategic thinking. This outstanding accomplishment places the Lycée International de Houston within the top 4 educational institutions in North America for this competition.

This feat not only highlights the superior quality of education at our institute but also underscores our commitment to nurturing critical thinkers and problem-solvers who excel on both a national and international stage.

Course aux nombres 2024

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