Open House And School Tour

Campus visits are a valuable opportunity for prospective students and parents to gain a firsthand experience of LIH. Such visits offer several advantages in understanding the campus environment, curriculum, faculty, and overall community.

Open House Dates

6th-12th grade: Saturday November 18th , 2023 11am-1pm

1st-5th grade: Saturday October 21st , 2023 11am-1pm

18MO-KG Thursday September 14th , 2023 6pm-8pm

 Here are some key benefits of campus visits: 

  • Meet Faculty & Staff 
  • Engagement with current students 
  • Networking with parents 
  • Observing Classroom Dynamics 
  • Sensing the Community Spirit 

Overall, campus visits offer a comprehensive and immersive experience that goes beyond what can be gleaned from brochures or online information. They allow prospective students and parents to make informed decisions about whether LIH is the right fit for them. 

School Tours

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