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Uniform Requirements

At the  Lycée de Houston, we firmly believe in the power of school uniforms and dress code guidelines to create a positive and focused learning environment. By instilling a sense of pride in how our students present themselves, we emphasize the significance of education and its role in shaping successful individuals. Our commitment to maintaining high standards of attire sends a clear message that attending school is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about preparing for future triumphs.

Benefits of Uniforms

  • Less opportunity for “cliques” to form on campus.
  • Students spend less time deciding what to wear in the morning, which improves attendance.
  • Saves money on school shopping throughout the year.
  • Self-discipline to wear the uniform properly and respectfully.
  • Always modest and appropriate for the school environment.
  • Less peer pressure on how to look.
  • Guests or intruders are easily identifiable.
  • Economic or social barriers between students are not evident.
  • Increases a sense of belonging and school pride.
  • While traveling off-campus for field trips or events, others know what school the group of students represents
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