Early Learning Program

Our primary objective extends beyond linguistic competency; it integrates personal growth and cognitive development into our curriculum. Through immersion in this bilingual environment, we strive to equip our students with rich developmental milestones that transcend traditional attributes by enhancing their cultural sensitivities and fostering global citizens from a young age through immersion in this multilingual environment.

The LIH Early Learning Program is delighted to welcome children as early as 18 months old, thereby instilling in them a rich culture of bilingualism from an extraordinarily tender age. Housed in a French-English bilingual environment, our program aims to provide these young learners with a uniquely diverse educational experience.

Setting the stage for their future significant roles globally, we believe that this early exposure to both languages fosters a key foundational base crucial for evolving into responsible citizens of the world community. The bilingual setting of our program ensures each child’s capacity to engage and thrive multiculturally. Building upon these foundational linguistic skills will prepare these young individuals for successful assimilation with the international community. Our goal remains steadfast: to have them emerge well-rounded and responsible members serving globally.

The LIH Early Learning Program commits to nurturing the seeds of global responsibility from infancy through effective bilingual education. Trust us to be your reliable partner in guiding your child towards futures full of promise and profound cultural understanding.

Our Curriculum 

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Our curriculum ensures that children are immersed in both the French and English languages throughout the day. Our dedicated teachers engage the children in conversations and instruction in both languages, fostering a bilingual environment. Through a variety of activities such as reading books and stories, listening to songs and nursery rhymes, and participating in activities conducted in both languages, children develop pre-literacy skills while freely using and appreciating both languages. Additionally, our curriculum promotes self-awareness and a sense of belonging through art, music, free play.

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    Foundational Mathematics

    Developing basic numerical skills and problem-solving abilities; Recognizing and contrasting quantities; Ordering numbers in a sequence; Replicating geometric figures and patterns; Categorizing and gathering objects into sets; Utilizing mathematical concepts through oral and written communication.

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    Embarking on a Journey of Discovery

    Unveiling and comprehending the wonders of the world through a tapestry of captivating encounters; acquiring scientific knowledge through adventurous exploration; formulating inquiries based on keen observations; preliminary intellectual explorations as a stepping stone towards elementary-level subject matter.

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    Learning vocabulary

    Acquiring new words and understanding sentence formation, getting acquainted with a second language, actively engaging with language through narratives, music, rhythmic chants, and poetry. Students are introduced to the world of books and written communication.

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    Creative Art

    Encourages imaginative thinking and creativity through visual arts. Early art introduces children to both classical and modern artists, allowing them to explore various techniques and create their own beautiful artworks.

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    Musical Expression

    Encompasses the utilization of creative forms to articulate one's individuality, employing rhythmic verses harmonized with musical instruments, and effectively conveying personal emotions and interpretations of music.

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    The Motor Skills Room

    Provides a supportive environment where students can enhance their mastery of gross and fine motor control. By honing their coordination and balance skills, they are better equipped to independently perform everyday tasks like dressing, eating, using the restroom, and carrying their belongings. Moreover, this space fosters the development of play skills by encouraging activities that involve running, jumping, hopping, and throwing.

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