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Beyond Bilingualism

At Lycée International de Houston (LIH), we highly prioritize the importance of bilingualism and multilingualism. To cultivate our students’ bilingual skills, our curriculum is designed to be taught in both French and English starting from the PK3,  we introduce Spanish at an early stage and continue to provide comprehensive language education in all three languages until graduation. In addition to these languages, we also offer courses in Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and German.

Being Bilingual

Bilingual language skills open up a world of possibilities that monolingual individuals may never experience. Not only does learning a second language enhance communication abilities, but it also promotes cognitive development and cultural understanding. In today’s globalized society, being bilingual is like having a golden ticket to numerous professional opportunities.

One significant advantage of bilingualism is the ability to connect with people from different cultures on a deeper level. By speaking their native language, you can establish rapport and gain insights into their way of thinking, cultural nuances, and traditions. Moreover, being able to communicate in multiple languages allows for richer experiences when traveling abroad or living in diverse communities. Bilingual individuals have the privilege of immersing themselves fully in different cultures, broadening their perspectives, and fostering empathy.

From a cognitive perspective, studies have found that bilingual individuals tend to possess better problem-solving skills and more creative thinking abilities compared to monolinguals. This heightened cognitive flexibility stems from the constant mental exercise required during language switching. Researchers suggest that this cognitive advantage extends beyond linguistic processing to other domains such as executive control functions and memory capacity.

What’s even more important is that being bilingual has benefits that go beyond just socializing or academics. There are numerous reports showing how speaking two or more languages can have positive effects on the brain. In fact, a neuroscientist named Ellen Bialystok has made significant progress in this area with her research findings. Her study not only indicates an improvement in cognitive abilities and mental sharpness for bilingual speakers but also suggests a potential connection between being bilingual and preventing or delaying Alzheimer’s Disease. This groundbreaking discovery emphasizes the importance of language in enhancing overall well-being and personal growth. We firmly believe that by teaching our students these skills, we can empower them to live richer, healthier, and happier lives.

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