Residential Summer Camp

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The English Language Program at Lycée International de Houston focuses on grammar, syntax, pronunciation, and colloquial usage. Students will improve their skills through intensive instruction, workshops, debates, lectures, group projects, and seminars. Course descriptions include argumentation, debate principles, presentation skills, and writing for creative literature. The program emphasizes communication, speaking, listening, and writing skills, with a focus on improving English proficiency. Overall, students will enhance their English language abilities through interactive and practical learning methods.

Course Overview

  • Workshops: Practical classes to aid student learning
  • Debates: Foster reasoning and public speaking skills
  • Interactive Lectures: Engaging sessions with facts and viewpoints
  • Group Projects: Learn from diverse perspectives
  • Seminars: Discussion and debate opportunities in pairs
  • Debate Course: Covers argumentation principles, logical fallacies, research skills
  • Presentation Skills: Focus on music performance and oral delivery
  • Speaking and Listening: English as a Second Language class emphasizing communication
  • Writing Course: Advanced creative writing and critical analysis
  • Elements of Grammar: Review of basic English language elements
  • Reading Course: Improve reading skills for college-level texts
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The Residential Summer Camp provides a stimulating technology curriculum, complemented by modules focused on fostering leadership abilities within the field of engineering. Attendees will partake in engaging STEAM experiences, applying engineering concepts to solve real-world problems. The program includes interactive educational sessions that empower campers to implement technical, scientific, and analytical concepts through experiential learning.

Course Overview

  • Scratch coding program by MIT Media Lab for easy project creation and sharing
  • Game design camp with GDevelop for creating PC and mobile games
  • Roblox camp for designing 3D worlds and participating in competitions
  • YouTube video production camp for vlog creation and engaging content
  • Python coding camp to create graphics, games, and programs
  • Crazy Chemistry camp for hands-on chemistry experiments and fun
  • Robotics camp to build and code robotic cars, soccer bots, and amusement rides
  • Sustainable design camp to explore environmentally friendly practices
  • Remote-controlled robot camp for creating and animating original characters
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator camp for photo editing and design projects
  • Tiny house camp to learn about and build model tiny houses
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Residential Summer Camp Schedule
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To register for the Residental Summer Camp, you must submit an online application.

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Students planning to enroll at LIH for the Fall Term of the academic year will receive either an F1 Visa or I-20 forms.

Those participating in the LIH Residental Summer Camp can attend using a B1/B2 visitor’s visa, as per SEVIS regulations. Students are advised to arrange their arrival at George Bush International Airport accordingly.

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It is mandatory for all students to adhere to the health regulations set by Texas schools. A nurse is available on campus at all times during the day. Families of enrolled students are requested to fill out necessary medical and general permission forms using our electronic medical system before their student arrives on campus.

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