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Discover the Lycée International de Houston – a distinguished private high school that holds SEVIS approval and offers an exceptional bilingual education. Our institution stands out for its emphasis on individualized learning and global awareness. If you wish to join our vibrant community, remember to complete the application process. Once accepted, you will receive Form I-20 to facilitate your student visa application. Reach out to us today for more information about studying abroad at the Lycée International de Houston through the SEVIS program or to arrange an interview with our team.

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Empowering students to thrive academically and culturally

We are a prestigious international bilingual school situated in the vibrant Energy Corridor of Houston, Texas. Our primary focus is to equip students from diverse backgrounds with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in university academics and thrive in their future endeavors. The Lycée International de Houston stands out among educational institutions, offering innovative teaching techniques that encompass both personalized for-credit instruction and comprehensive tutoring services. Furthermore, we take pride in being the sole educational institution in Houston that provides students with the unique opportunity to earn dual high school diplomas.

  • US High School Diploma and the French baccalauréat
  • US High School Diploma and the Baccalaureat Francais International
  • US High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma


Our personal, intensive college placement program encourages academic achievement, providing students with the best possible preparation for specific professional and academic goals. The Lycée International de Houston’s supportive environment enables students opportunities to share experiences, exchange information, and discover interests. The Lycée International de Houston welcomes applications from all students attending US- and internationally-accredited schools. Our rolling admissions policy allows prospective high school students the opportunity to begin at any time during the academic year.

Navigating the SEVIS Program and Obtaining a Student Visa

The Lycée International de Houston is a prestigious private bilingual school that prioritizes individualized education and holds approval from the SEVIS system. Prospective students must complete an application process to be considered for admission. Upon acceptance, the Lycée International de Houston will provide students with Form I-20, which is necessary for obtaining a student visa. For further details on studying abroad at our institution through the SEVIS program, please reach out to us to schedule an interview or request additional information.

Do you provide any homestay assistance?

The Lycée International de Houston operates as a day school, meaning that it does not provide on-campus housing or dormitories. Therefore, international students enrolled at the Lycée International de Houston are required to reside with a parent or adult guardian throughout their duration of study at the institution.

International students seeking homestay accommodations can consider the following list of homestay services as potential resources. Families in Harris County have access to a wide range of additional homestay options, and both students and families are encouraged to explore beyond this selection.

Homestay Houston

Homestay Houston is dedicated to providing housing with American families for students who come to Houston, Texas to study in the Houston area. Homestay Houston provides students and businessmen and women an American family to live with as well as the ability to learn the American culture.

  • A private bedroom and a private or shared bathroom with all of the necessary bedding are provided.
  • Rooms are equipped with desks or tables at which the individual can work or study.
  • All homestays have available computer connections  and a washing machine and drying machine for laundry.
  • The family teaches the visitor how to wash and dry his clothes.
  • Their programs provide meals or no meals depending on the program.

Student Room Stay

Their CSIET-certified high school homestay programs in Houston start at $1,688 per month, depending on your selected package and any add-on services.

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