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The LIH Foundation is a non-profit organization (501c3) whose purpose is to aid in the development of the LIH – Lycée International de Houston and to prepare our students to become leaders in tomorrow’s world. Its primary focus is to foster the success of all students by promoting excellence in learning. The LIH Foundation strives to endorse diversity, bilingualism, strong work ethics, and respect for others and the environment.


The Foundation’s goal is to directly support LIH projects in sports, literature, sciences and the arts by sponsoring sporting and cultural events. Consequently, our students thrive in a positive and multicultural environment that will enable them to become independent thinkers and engaged citizens in their communities.


As an international and multicultural institution, LIH strives to create an educational environment that allows students to become members of the international and diverse community of world. Fundraising supports the LIH’s mission to provide a high-quality education and to welcome students in a privileged environment, while continuing to affirm its ethical and social commitments.

Academic: to encourage the development of artistic and sports activities whose teachings generate motivation, confidence, curiosity, and perseverance for our students.

Development: to accompany major LIH development projects such as campus growth and development.

Social: to assert its social responsibility pledge by contributing to a social fund designed to support LIH students in financial difficulty.

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Make a Gift Today

“We greatly appreciate all the different ways in which the families and friends of LIH give throughout the year. Your investment makes a difference. Please explore the options below to maximize your support and contribute in a way which is most meaningful to you.

Thank you for making LIH possible!”

Way to Give

Matching Gifts

In the event that your place of employment provides a gift matching program, we cordially request that you enclose the corresponding form from your organization with your contribution to the Lycée. We will ensure that the form is returned to your employer upon receipt; your employer will then issue a matched contribution directly to the Lycée. Kindly be informed that in your capacity as a Lycée donor, you will receive recognition for both your initial contribution and the corresponding matched amount.

Gala Event

The Gala serves as the preeminent annual fundraising event for the institution. We annually mark this occasion on our calendar with enthusiasm, as it combines gastronomy, dance, and a communal observance of our shared values. At this event, an annual tradition is upheld of honoring an individual who exemplifies the mission of the educational institution. It provides a venue for members of our community to unite in support of the school through the purchase of tickets and the donation of auction items. In addition, businesses and corporate entities contribute to this occasion through their endorsement and donation of merchandise for the auction.

Pledge Now, Pay Later

Your commitment to the LIH Fund is greatly appreciated in the form of a pledge. Pledge fulfillment may take place at any point prior to June 5th. A pledge is, in essence, a commitment to make a contribution at a later time. By choosing to make your pledge early in the academic year, you afford LIH the assurance that your generous contribution will be forthcoming, which enables you to select a convenient time for donation (including tax implications). Additionally, this gives LIH the assurance that it can fund improvements throughout the year, secure in the knowledge that your contribution is forthcoming.


The Fund for LIH provides supplementary funding that allows the institution to maintain operations in excess of the amount covered by tuition fees. This entails the improvement of LIH’s information technology infrastructure and the enhancement of financial assistance provisions for meritorious students. Your contribution can be designated as either an Unrestricted Gift, which has an immediate impact on the LIH experience for every student, or a Restricted Gift, which can be allocated to particular programs such as STEM, arts, or athletics.

Annual Fund

Giving every year makes an impact every day! Please contribute to our Annual Fund.

What is an annual fund?

Donations are raised for the Annual Fund by the LIH Foundation on a yearly basis to support the general operations of the school.

Support raised through the Annual Fund is instrumental to any organization’s development efforts. For LIH, the Annual Fund provides a reliable source of income that is necessary to maintain steady growth a balanced budget, and help with forecasting as we plan for the future.

As an independent school, LIH does not receive money from local, state, or federal taxes. LIH relies on wise stewardship, tuition income, extracurricular activities, contributions to the Annual Fund, and other fundraising efforts in order to meet operating expenses.


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We hope you consider pledging support. Annual Fund gifts have the greatest impact as they demonstrate commitment to the unique vision, mission, and core values of our school without associated event expenses. Proceeds from our Annual Fund support educational programming, curriculum development, and school enhancements. Annual Fund gifts are fully tax-deductible.

We accept one-time gifts, quarterly or monthly pledges, or gifts added to tuition plans. We recognize there are varying means of giving within our community. Every gift matters, and any amount — no matter how small — is welcome and appreciated

We hope you consider donating today online, setting up an installment gift monthly or quarterly, or pledging to add to your tuition payment plan. For any questions or to set up a gift, please get in touch with America Pereira.

  • A monthly Annual Fund gift of $12 or $144 annually, would support a half-day workshop from a Science Expert.
  • A monthly Annual Fund gift of $25 or $300 annually, would support one additional classroom tablet or other device.
  • A monthly Annual Fund gift of $54 or $648 annually, would support 30% of professional development conference and travel costs for an educator.
  • A monthly Annual Fund gift of $108 or $1296 annually, would support Positive Discipline training for 4 staff members.

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