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School Camps

Consistency is a vital part of a great education. At LIH, we aim to keep students as active as possible in order to help them retain the information learned.

Trimester Break Week and Summer Camps

Break camps offer a simple, flexible, and convenient solution to childcare. Your child will love these camps! They will enjoy age-appropriate activities such as field trips, language enrichment in French and English, arts and crafts, and plenty of physical activity.

The school year is divided into three trimesters. During each trimester, students receive one week of break and the students have 10 weeks break during the summer.

To support the needs of working parents, we offer camps during every break week and a camp during the summer. Camp activities vary depending on the age of your child. Camp groups include Prekindergarten to Kindergarten, 1st grade to 3rd grade, and 4th grade and up when possible.

LIH fall, winter, spring, and summer camps offer a range of creative, intellectual, and physical activities for all age groups. Below you’ll find a few of the camps we have planned throughout the school year. For more information on our upcoming camps, please contact School Life at schoolLife@lihouston.org

Adult Classes –  (closed now )

Fall Camp  – (closed now )

Winter Camp –  (closed now )

Spring Camp – (closed now )

Summer Camp –  (Open)

Immersion Camp –  (Open)


Each camp we have will include language classes, sports and play time, as well as cultural, artistic and STEM activities. For ages 3 and up, it is a perfect place for your child to continue growing in our international community throughout the holidays.

  • Non-LIH students are welcome to join our camp.
  • Please bring a change of clothing in case of accidents.
  • Pillow and blanket are to be provided by parents.
  • Lunch and snacks are to be provided by parents.
  • No uniforms required. However, no flip flops allowed, due to safety concerns.