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LIH provides an extensive range of unparalleled advantages for our students. Through the opportunity to earn a dual diploma, we empower our students with a distinctive edge in the global marketplace. Our classes, which prioritize bilingualism, equip them with the invaluable ability to fluently speak two languages, opening doors to international prospects. Moreover, our dedication to personalized attention fosters a supportive learning environment.

At the Lycée International de Houston, we are on a mission to create extraordinary leaders who will shape the course of the 21st century! Our education system is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill approach; it is highly structured, rigorous, and inclusive – designed to bring out the absolute best in every single student. With a team of motivated, supportive, and dedicated teachers by their side, your child will embark on an incredible journey toward success – both academically and emotionally. We firmly believe that establishing a strong relationship with each child is key to unlocking their full potential – because when they feel supported and understood, they can truly soar! Our students are not just passive learners but active seekers of knowledge who dive deep into inquiry-based learning experiences. Through this process, they develop critical thinking skills that allow them to easily unravel the complexities of our world – empowering them to make wise choices along their path. And let’s not forget about our amazing language immersion program! We take language learning to a whole new level, ensuring that each student reaches the highest level of language proficiency possible. After all, in our ever-connected and globalized world, being multilingual is a game-changer! So join us at the Lycée International de Houston and let’s shape the future together – one extraordinary leader at a time!


At the Lycée International de Houston, we provide a unique opportunity for our students to pursue three exceptional educational paths: the French, IB, and US programs. By completing these programs, our students not only fulfill all Texas high school curricular requirements but also earn the prestigious Texas High School Diploma. In their final two years at our school, students dive into intensive preparations for the French Baccalaureate/Baccalauréat Français International examination or embark on an exciting journey with the International Baccalaureate Diploma track (IBDP). Whichever path they choose – be it IB or French Bac/BFI – our students are guaranteed an exhilarating and immensely rewarding academic experience that will set them apart from others in today’s competitive world.


The Lycée International de Houston is dedicated to providing the highest standard of dual language bilingual education in French and American. Our students at Lycée International de Houston achieve fluency in a second language from a young age, allowing them to not only speak, but also write, read, and learn comfortably in that language. Furthermore, we introduce our students to a third language in Prek-3, giving them numerous opportunities for their future. This unique opportunity opens doors throughout their lifetime. At Lycée International de Houston, our students don’t just learn languages – they live them. Through immersive classroom experiences and inclusive programs, we provide children with the chance to learn a language like a native speaker. Bilingual students are better equipped to navigate different cultures and are prepared to be global citizens. They receive an education in an international environment that values openness, tolerance, and confidence when encountering new people, communities, and experiences.


The faculty members possess both expertise and enthusiasm in their respective subjects, often possessing advanced degrees in their field. Within the closely-knit school community, students develop strong bonds with their teachers who frequently serve as exemplary figures.


The Lycée International de Houston is dedicated to supporting students in their academic pursuits, offering various resources to ensure their success. This assistance includes academic tutoring, language support for non-native speakers in French and English, and a structured Study Hall program. During Study Hall, students receive guidance from experienced teachers who help them with assignments and ensure they utilize their time effectively. This reduces the amount of homework that needs to be done at home and provides additional support when necessary. Study Hall is available to all students from grades 1 to 12 on regular school days from 3:30-4:30 p.m., and there is no cost to parents for this program. 


The Lycée International de Houston places great importance on fostering open communication between parents and administration, ensuring that parents are actively involved in the school community. Through regular parent-teacher meetings, engaging social events like the parent café croissant and the international festival, as well as the active participation of our parent organization in fundraising initiatives, families are seamlessly integrated into their child’s educational journey.


Our program’s commitment to global citizenship is realized through the exposure to a wide range of cultures, origins, and languages, fostering diversity of thought.


The student body at Lycée International de Houston is a true reflection of global diversity, with over 50 different ethnicities and nationalities represented.


At LIH, we are committed to ensuring a diverse socioeconomic environment for our students. To achieve this, we offer financial aid assistance to 20 selected students who demonstrate need through our own program. We firmly believe that every child admitted to the school should have access to our bilingual education, regardless of their financial circumstances.


Cultural and language diversity is a prominent aspect of our school community. Upon enrollment, students typically possess proficiency in one or two languages, but by the time they graduate, they are fluent in at least three languages. In fact, the majority of students achieve fluency in four or five languages. Our language curriculum begins in Prek 3, where students commence their studies of a third language, which they continue until Grade 12. Furthermore, during high school, students have the opportunity to further expand their linguistic repertoire by learning a fourth language.


The Lycée International de Houston offers French and English Language enrichment programs for students in grades Pk-12. These classes aim to enhance students’ language and literacy skills by providing additional reading, speaking, listening, pronunciation, and more support. FLE and ESL classes are scheduled based on individual needs, with parents or teachers able to request participation in the language enrichment program. It is important to note that this program is provided at no additional cost to parents.


The Arabic class at the Lycée International de Houston adopts a communicative and task-based approach, emphasizing the integration of all four language skills, particularly speaking. Our teaching methodology enables students to acquire and use the language authentically, utilizing the Arabic script instead of relying on English transliteration. This program is offered to parents without any additional fees.

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