Lycée International de Houston is a testament to unity in diversity, as our families represent over 50 diverse nationalities. Our community is enriched by a vibrant array of cultural backgrounds and experiences, embodying the spirit of one community coming together. This multicultural tapestry bolsters not just our credibility but also fosters an exceptionally inclusive learning environment.

Volunteering is an essential part of school life. Parents are strongly encouraged to give at least ten hours of their time over the course of the school year on or off campus. There are many volunteer opportunities, both at the classroom level and school wide.

Parent engagement is a cornerstone of the school’s success with our students and our entire community. We are extremely grateful to the many parents and family members who volunteer in a variety of ways. Without your support, many of our events and programs would not be possible. The success of our school is directly related to the involvement of parents. Our parents come to the Lycée International de Houston from cultures all around the world and collectively speak more than 50 languages. Their backgrounds and experiences provide a diverse and multicultural point of view in our community.

Our parents are active as individuals in their children’s lives and also through the Lycée International de Houston’s Parent Organization (PO). All parents are members of the Parent Organization, whose mission is to support and promote the goals and policies of the Lycée International de Houston and to facilitate communication and understanding between the school and the parents. The PO works closely with the school’s administration, faculty, and staff to support cultural, artistic, social, recreational, athletic, fundraising, or other activities for the benefit of the school’s community. Well-structured and active, the Parent Organization offers many opportunities for parents to volunteer their time and play an active role in community life.

The Lycée International de Houston parents come from all over the world and represent over 50 nationalities. Our parents seek to provide their children with an international experience. 

They recognize the value of raising their children in a community that is inclusive and welcoming, one in which people look out for and care for one another.

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