The transformation from Pajama Day to Mix-Match Day during Spirit Week was nothing short of magical. Students embraced the opportunity to showcase their creativity and individuality through their quirky outfit combinations, mixing patterns and colors with fearless abandon. It was a sight to behold, seeing classmates come together in a celebration of uniqueness and self-expression.

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And then came Rodeo Day, the pinnacle of Spirit Week where cowboy hats and boots were dusted off along with a sense of excitement that permeated the school halls. The energy was amazing as students fully embraced the Western theme.

As the week of festivities came to a close, students at LIH proudly adorned themselves in the school’s colors, showcasing their support for LIH Spirit Day. The atmosphere was electric as laughter and excitement filled the halls, fostering a sense of unity and pride among classmates. Friendships were strengthened even further during this week of events, with memories made that will last a lifetime.

As Fernando Bull made his grand entrance into the crowded gymnasium, the energy in the room immediately surged to a new level. It was as if a wave of excitement washed over everyone, uniting them in their shared enthusiasm for this beloved school mascot.

The sight of Fernando Bull prancing around, high-fiving students, and posing for photos, brought a sense of joy and community to Spirit Day like never before. Seeing everyone’s faces light up with smiles and hearing the laughter that echoed through the room was truly heartwarming.

Spirit Day 111
Spirit Day 070
Spirit Day 044
Spirit Day 138

The big celebration marking the end of Spirit Week was nothing short of spectacular, with students showing off their creativity and school spirit through various activities and performances. As we bid farewell to Spirit Week, one thing remains clear – the bonds formed over this unforgettable week will continue to flourish long after the celebrations have ended.

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