LIH offers a monthly lunch program. A restaurant provides this service, which includes meals and drinks. The menu is inspired by LIH’s diversity as follows:


  • Monday: Italian
  • Tuesday: European/Mediterranean
  • Wednesday: Spanish/Mexican
  • Thursday: American
  • Friday: International

Consult our menu here : Menu April 16th – 20th



Snacks are to be provided by parents and must comply with LIH’s policy (no nuts, no candy, no soft drinks). Here are a few snack ideas:

  1. Cheese with whole grain crackers
  2. Sweet peas or edamame
  3. Healthy breads (banana bread, zucchini muffins or carrot bars)
  4. Whole grain cereal
  5. Yogurt
  6. Hummus and vegetables
  7. Raisins, apricots, or any dried fruit
  8. Whole grain waffles cut into sticks spread with cream cheese and dab of jelly
  9. Granola bars
  10. Fruit
  11. Rice cakes