At LIH, your child can also benefit from many rewarding and diverse after school activities available from 4:30-5:30 including:

Martial Arts – Martial Arts is based on self-defense. Your child will learn self-control, breathing, the respect of others and of course the fundamentals of various Martial Arts techniques. A basic karate uniform (gi) is encouraged.


Badminton – To play Badminton, one must possess speed, power, agility, flexibility, a great sense of anticipation and excellent body coordination. Athletic shoes are required, equipment will be provided.


Theater – From classic theatre to improvisation, your child will learn to be more self-confident and to improve his self-expression in public. This activity is conducted in French.


Arts & Crafts – Imagination and a free spirit are the keywords of this activity. Painting, drawing, gluing…your child will have access to all of what he or she needs to be creative. This activity is conducted in English.


Soccer – One of our most popular activities, soccer is a pivotal sport at LIH. Your child will learn to control the ball, participate in group play, and foster team spirit in a collaborative atmosphere. No cleats allowed, athletic shoes required.


French Reinforcement – We aim to provide additional support to students still improving their French skills. From speech to reading to grammar, we cover all the fundamentals.


Spanish Yoga – Your child will focus on bodily postures, breathing techniques, and concentration skills, all while learning fun, new language. This class is conducted in Spanish.


Dance – A coed class, dance’s benefits are numerous. More than an artistic discipline, this class will cover the basics of dance from ballet to modern jazz. Your child will have improved coordination, rhythm awareness, and self-confidence. Leotard and tights encouraged.


Music – Taught by our very own Jazz music teacher, Jathniel Joaquin, this class will introduce students to different instruments, tempo, and collaborative playing. This is our first step towards our very own school band at LIH.


Science of Games – Led by our very own Game enthusiast, Vincent Mauborgne, this class will help you rediscover games in all its aspects. From board games to cards, to Chess, and many more, your child will learn the benefits of collaborative play in a world without electronics. This activity is conducted in French.


Spanish PK3-KG– This introduction to Spanish will help your little one discover another language in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Chinese – Discover the Chinese language, traditions, and writing in this modern and most spoken language in the world. This class is conducted by our very own, Maggie Yuan.

Arabic – An introductory course intended for students with little or no knowledge of the language. It aims to present essential vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.


Music & Movement – Students will learn musical concepts, theory and basic elements of rhythm, melody and a steady beat.


Fencing – Swords are the knight’s sport. Your child will learn how to use the sword and compete with their friends. The instructor is our very own Benoit Bouysset. All equipment will be provided. Athletic attire is required.

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