Room Parent Permission for Contact

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Room Parent Permission for Contact

Room Parents assist the teacher in planning and recruiting help from other parents in the classroom for parties, field trips, and special events throughout the year.

To ensure that all children’s families have the opportunity to be a part of classroom activities, Room Parents need to be able to send notes and emails and make phone calls to the parents of the students in the class. Your signed permission below allows the Lycée International de Houston’s Parent Organization to release your contact information to the Room Parent who has volunteered this year to help your child’s teacher.

Room Parent Permission for Contact
Room Parent Permission for Contact
This name entry serves as my electronic signature. This electronic signature is treated by The Lycée International de Houston as a physical handwritten signature on a paper form.

Check our WhatsApp groups’ rules.


LIH Parents Organization offers LIH parents to join different WhatsApp groups. 

These groups are made for School parents willing to join but are not the official LIH communication media. The official School info are sent in the weekly newsletter. The messages in the WhatsApp groups come from parents in their personal capacity or are sent on behalf of the Parents’ Organization.


Guidelines for the LIH Community chat groups:


  1. In these groups, feel free to ask any questions regarding our school, our children or their homework. Also feel free to post school reminders for specific events (Specific event organized by a class for the School, Holidays show, movie night…).
  2. Feel free to share information, ideas, recommendations that may benefit our children and families. This includes things such as events for families/kids that are not school related, family related activities, etc.
  3. Feel free to ask for non-school related recommendations (dentist, specialist…). For those non-school related questions, you may prefer to reply directly to the person asking and not to the entire group. This is to keep posts/messages relevant to everyone.
  4. Please keep comments positive and encouraging. LIH WhatsApp groups should never be used as a platform to air views/grievances regarding a teacher, child, parent, or administration in the class or school. For any problem, please contact LIH representatives directly to discuss the point with the ones in charge.
  5. Our WhatsApp groups are not political platforms for airing opinions on current affairs. They should not be used for private conversations with anyone else using the group either.
  6. These groups are for LIH community use only. Members’ names and phone numbers cannot be shared with anyone outside of the LIH Community.
  7. Any inappropriate use of our LIH Community WhatsApp groups will be swiftly dealt with by removing the offending post / member. WhatsApp group administrators will have every right to take the necessary action when needed.
  8. If you do not find this chat group useful, you may remove yourself at any time. There are also options to put the chat on “mute” or change your notification settings.
  9. Do not hesitate to ask us to add other LIH parents to the group. We need a phone number, first and last name of the parent, first names and grades of the students. This will help us to keep the group up to date 🙂


Thank you for your help and enjoy this year at LIH!