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Our Team

Lycée International de Houston has assembled a team of education professionals whose skills in and commitment to bilingual learning are, in the words of our parents and students, simply amazing.

They bring decades of experience from many French and English-speaking countries, collaborating each and every day to provide individual and group learning opportunities—in our classrooms as well as our after-school programs and camps—that engage, challenge, inspire, and illuminate. Our academic team is committed and dedicated to providing a competitive and supportive academic environment which encourages students’ curiosity, creativity, responsibility and self-esteem. Lycée International de Houston Bilingual School’s French and English teachers work together to link the two curricula to ensure the excellence of our bilingual program.

They come from all over the world, but they have one thing in common: LIH faculty and staff believe that children have the ability to do amazing things when they are supported, encouraged and appreciated. Schools are here to serve students, and that is what we try to do every single day. Students who attend our school will develop critical thinking skills that will prove useful in many situations. Our team of experienced educators has the expertise necessary to ensure that every student at LIH gets the best education possible. From after school tutorials in both English and French, to exciting extracurricular activities that keep students engaged physically and intellectually. Work diligently to make sure your child develops the discernment needed in order to become active citizens who can make a positive impact in the world. Students who attend Lycée International de Houston not only learn from enthusiastic educators, but their experiences teach them how to communicate and collaborate, and to accept and truly respect one another’s differences.

America Pereira

Zouina Bellili

Jacqueline Ayad

Aissatou Renard

Abbas Syed

Benoit Bouysset

Bruce Kirsch

Florence Delloye

Julie Bastien

Blandine Lavaux

Maria Etetere

Marie Pierre Lefer

Mayra Vique

Monique Exbrayat

Sonia Garcia

Stephanie Flamant

Crystal Bucio

Sophia Zahdani

Abir Lahhoud

Arnaud Renard

Alexia Radiu

Bryanne Gillespie

Marina Naguib

Susan Cutillo

Valerie Thomas-Collignon

Zoya Mazneva



As the saying goes, alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Therefore, at Lycée International de Houston, our faculty and staff work together to find the best practices for instructional strategies and most relevant educational materials. When parents choose Lycée, they are betting on a world-class education that will give their child a great chance to have a successful and happy career.