About Us

Vision and Mission


With excellence, rigor, and kindness as the core value at the Lycée International de Houston Bilingual School, our vision is to prepare multilingual, academically, and socially prepared students to be leaders and positively impact their communities.


The Lycée International de Houston’s mission is to provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment in which rigorous international programs foster academic excellence, innovation, creativity and cross-cultural communication to inspire a passion for learning and empower each student with knowledge, understanding and open-mindedness.

Our Values

Excellence Rigor Kindness
Teachers implement classroom instruction that combines current academic standards with research-based and innovative practices. Teachers employ effective best practices, including cross-curricular and differentiated instruction, and critical thinking and problem-solving strategies. Teachers provide children a healthy dose of the warmth and empathy in order to flourish as health, happy, well-rounded individuals.



We believe that children who develop their intellect and character in a bilingual, bicultural environment learn respect and appreciation for cultural differences and are better prepared for their future in a multicultural workforce and global environment.

The ability to understand concepts, ask questions, problem-solve, write, play, and make friends in two languages is an advantage that will last a lifetime.

Lycée International de Houston’s curriculum, taught by outstanding teachers in a traditional and structured environment, combines the greatest strengths of both the French National Education and  American curriculum.