LIH Foundation


 The LIH Foundation is a non-profit organization (501c3) whose purpose is to aid in the development of the LIH – Lycée International de Houston and to prepare our students to become leaders in tomorrow’s world. Its primary focus is to foster the success of all students by promoting excellence in learning. The LIH Foundation strives to endorse diversity, bilingualism, strong work ethics, and respect for others and the environment.


The Foundation’s goal is to directly support LIH projects in sports, literature, sciences and the arts by sponsoring sporting and cultural events. Consequently, our students thrive in a positive and multicultural environment that will enable them to become independent thinkers and engaged citizens in their communities.


As an international and multicultural institution, LIH strives to create an educational environment that allows students to become members of the international and diverse community of world. Fundraising supports the LIH’s mission to provide a high-quality education and to welcome students in a privileged environment, while continuing to affirm its ethical and social commitments.

  • Academic: to encourage the development of artistic and sports activities whose teachings generate motivation, confidence, curiosity, and perseverance for our students.
  • Development: to accompany major LIH development projects such as campus growth and development.
  • Social: to assert its social responsibility pledge by contributing to a social fund designed to support LIH students in financial difficulty.

Email us

You want to contact us, here is our email address: foundation@lihouston.org