Parent Organization

Parent Organization Ambassador
Parent engagement is essential to the success of our students and our entire community.

The Lycée International de Houston is delighted to receive the gift of your time, enthusiasm, and talent!

We are extremely grateful to the many parents and family members who volunteer in a variety of ways. Without your support, many of our events and programs would not be possible. The success of our school is directly related to the involvement of parents.

For more information on volunteering, please contact the Parent Organization at po@lihouston.org.

There are many different levels of involvement, depending on a parent’s availability and desired level of engagement.

The successful LIH family:

  • Makes a long-term commitment to the school
  • Has thought deeply about the match between the school’s mission, guiding principles, and family values
  • Is involved in school activities and events
  • Is supportive of school programs and policies
  • Is a positive, proactive ambassador within the school community
  • Recognizes that the home-school partnership includes support of the school’s expectations regarding student behavior, academic achievement, and the development of global citizens
  • Supports the school’s fund-raising activities

Parents speak french at home


Parents speak english at home


Parents speak another language


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