About Community

Many Cultures, One Family

The Lycée International de Houston is more than a school, it is a community. We take it to heart to be very family-oriented, to work and learn together, from each other, to strengthen our bond as a community. This enables us to create a warm, welcoming, and nurturing learning environment for our children, in class and beyond, which, we believe, is critical to help them thrive and grow.

Being able to be part of a community that is culturally diverse and yet that has so much in common gives all of us a chance to develop friendships, share and celebrate our passion for the French language and francophone cultures (through our programs and events), and help children embrace their multicultural background and build their bilingual identity.

Our students come from over 50 different countries. The multiplicity of cultures, languages and socio-economic backgrounds of our families provide learning opportunities for each student. As multiculturalism is one of the cornerstones of our school, we ensure it is highlighted daily in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. Through this exposure, students learn to understand, respect, and celebrate each other.

We believe that teachers and parents should work in unison. Family involvement has been shown to improve student achievement. Parents are regularly invited to speak in class. We also invite families to serve a Room Parents, fundraising, event, or Parent Organization committees).

Throughout the year, we organize family-focused events, such as Pumpkin Patch, Egg Hunt, and LIH Bull Run so that families have an opportunity to socialize outside the school grounds. Each year, the school receives support from parents who are fully engaged in different projects. We thank them for the way they enrich our school community every day.

Our learning environment mirrors the diverse world in which we live. As their knowledge expands, preschool through high school students learn to recognize and appreciate different cultures and ethnicities.