Tuition And Fees

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Required Fees

*All fees are due at the time of enrollment and are non-refundable.

*The application fee is used strictly to cover the cost of the assessment and admissions process.
* New student fee is $1,200 and is a one-time fee for students who have not previously enrolled in the past two years at LIH.

Other Annual Fees


Study Hall

The Lycée International de Houston study hall  is available to all students from grades 1 to 12 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. each regular school day. This program is provided at no extra cost to parents.

The structured Study Hall is designed to help students use their time at school completing homework and studying for tests. A French or English teacher will help tutor, organize assignments, and ensure students use this time productively. This greatly reduces the amount of work that needs to be completed at home and provides students with additional help when needed.

The study hall is not designed to be a punishment for students, but a way to ensure they are doing the necessary work to be successful.

Language Enrichment

The Lycée International de Houston’s French and English Language enrichment programs are language classes offered for student from Pk-12th grade to accelerate students’ language and literacy development. These classes give students extra help in reading, speaking, and listening, pronunciation, and more. FLE and EDL classes are schedule one or more days a week as needed. Parents and/or teacher can request students to attend language enrichment. This program is provided at no extra cost to parents.


School loaned laptops
Books and Supplies
School loaned Lab Coat and Goggles 

Arabic Class

The Lycée international de Houston’s Arabic class follows a communicative, task-based methodology, and we integrate the four language skills, with a focus on Speaking.

Our teaching approach helps students to learn and speak the language the natural way, via the Arabic script, rather than via the English transliteration.

The method brings out the logic of the language in a way that has not been implemented before, which makes the learning process easier and gives Arabic the credit it deserves, as a logical, systematic, and easy-to-learn language.

The structured classes are comprehensive and designed to teach vocabulary relevant to everyday use.

Our courses assist students in building up words and forming sentences.

We incorporate the triangular theory in an innovative, non-traditional way to teach word structure, conjugation, case endings, Harakaat, verb moods and letter dots.

We teach students to recognize the shapes of the Arabic alphabet and the sounds they represent and to show that Arabic is a truly phonetic language.

This program is provided at no extra cost to parents


After School Care

Our After School Program not only supports busy parents, but also positions students to succeed in much more than just their academic endeavors!

The After School Program includes:

  • Daycare (after school)
  • Extra-curricular activities

Parents can enroll their child every weekday or select the weekday(s) they want to enroll their child. For example, you can register for Tuesdays only. The After School Program registration occurs prior to the start of each semester.


The Lycée International de Houston provides unique and fun-filled activities for our students during fall, winter, and spring breaks. We offer action-packed activities that are exciting and challenging for all ages. Details and registration for each camp will be provided in MyBackPack.


All students in Prekindergarten 3 to Grade 12 must wear the school uniform. The average cost is between $200 – $250. Students are required to have a full-dress uniform as well as a daily uniform.

PE Uniform 

All students in Prekindergarten 3 to Grade 12 must wear the PE school uniform. The average cost is between $40 – $80. Students are required to have the PE uniform for their physical education class.

Bus Service

The Lycée International de Houston contracts with TMI Transportation to provide bus service to and from the school. Buses pick-up and discharge riders at designated points, and several routes are offered. Bus fees for 2021-2022 range between $3,530 and $3,730 depending on the route and estimated ridership.

Optional Language Classes: 

Other languages taught from $ 2,500-$ 5,000 – children and adults – optional timings

  • Arabic*
  • Mandarin*
  • French*
  • English*
  • Spanish*
  • German*

*Language enrichment classes from 3:30-4:30 for currently enrolled students are included in tuition.


The Lycée International de Houston is pleased to offer bus service to and from campus through TMI Transportation, servicing families who live further south, east, north, or west of our campus. All students are eligible to ride the bus, including our three-year-olds. Our older students take great pride in caring for and helping our younger students.

18 months and Prekindergarten 2 children are not eligible for bus transportation.

For more information or to register for bus transportation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Business office at  accounting@lihouston.org