Financial Aid

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Lycée International de Houston believes it is important to provide our innovative education to all children admitted to the school, regardless of their financial status.

The Lycée International de Houston accepts students on a “need-based” basis; we believe that tuition expenses should not be an impediment to enrollment. Through funds specifically set-aside within the school’s operating budget, the Lycée International de Houston School offers financial aid to families who could not otherwise afford to enroll their children at LIH. Financial aid analysis provides a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition.

The Lycée International de Houston does not grant academic, athletic, afterschool programs, transportation, languages, or any special interest scholarships.

Financial aid decisions are not based solely on income, as many factors can determine a family’s ability to pay. The Lycée International de Houston aid is based on demonstrated financial need, and parents of candidates must provide confidential financial statements in their applications. All financial aid information is held in the strictest confidence.

Financial aid awards are reviewed annually and are made based on the family’s current financial status. Families receiving financial aid for the past school year must re-apply each year.


If your child is a French citizen and lives in the Houston area with at least one of his/her parents, you are eligible to apply for financial aid from the French government.

All applications for the “Bourses Scolaires” are submitted to the Consulate General of France in Houston.

For further details, you may consult Jacqueline Ayad, Executive Assistant at (832) 474-1013 or the Affaires Sociales, Service des Bourses at the Consulat Générale de France à Houston, Joëlle Koening, joelle.koening@diplomatie.gouv.fr+1 346 272 5365

Families will need the following documents to complete the form:

· Copies of 2019 year’s tax return including all schedules

· A copy of 2020 W-2’s for both parents

· If you are self-employed, you will have to provide your 2020 tax return.

· Families exempt from paying US taxes will need to provide a letter from their employer stating salary and benefits.

· Copies of supporting documentation (social security income, welfare, child support, food stamps, workers’ compensation, and temporary assistance for needy families)