Learning Support

The Lycée International de Houston is committed to provide support to students that enables them to achieve greater academic success. This help can be provided in study hall or through academic tutoring, French, or English language support for non-native speakers. The structured Study Hall, which is part of our Learning Support, is designed to help students use their time at school completing homework and studying for tests. A French or English teacher will help tutor, organize assignments, and ensure students use this time productively. This greatly reduces the amount of work that needs to be completed at home and provides students with additional help when needed.
The Lycée International de Houston is an inclusive school offering an education to students with a wide range of learning differences and individual needs including, those with specific learning difficulties and differences and those who are highly achieving or gifted and talented and require challenge and enrichment.
Our commitment to know each child well, our years of experience, and our breadth and depth of program, we are ideally suited to challenge a range of capable, creative students, including those ready to move quickly through our curriculum and those who require support. We want all of our students to feel success and be recognized for achievement. Extra help is a standard part of our daily schedule, and we provide all students with explicit practice in study skills. The goal of our learning support is to provide additional strategies to students with learning differences while integrating them into our standard program. Some learners demonstrate the potential to learn more quickly and achieve at higher levels than their peers at any given time. We ensure these highly achieving students are recognized, engaged, and challenged accordingly.
At the Lycée International de Houston, we value and appreciate the unique talents and perspectives of our student population. We know our learners and recognize that students may require accommodations and specialized academic support to access the curriculum and reach their full potential.
– We work collaboratively with students, families, faculty, and staff to ensure each student’s needs are met in an equitable and inclusive manner.
– Our faculty provides students with engaging, rigorous, and relevant learning opportunities that allow students to pursue their passions, develop their talents, and learn skills that prepare them for the future.
– LIH strives to serve our student population while recognizing the need to balance an equitable approach to all learners.
– LIH embraces the essential teamwork between families and school in an environment that is grounded in sharing, transparency, and communication.
Our first priority is to connect with you to learn about your child and how we might work together to ensure a positive start to their academic journey at the Lycée International de Houston.
Definition of Learning Support
General Consideration
A student may be considered in need of support if his/her progress is affected by any combination of the following:
– Specific learning difficulties (e.g., dyslexia ).
– General learning difficulties (e.g., attention or comprehension).
– Social or emotional difficulties.
– Behavioral issues.
– Underachievement of a student that does not progress adequately compared to peers.
– Several changes of school leading to gaps in general education,; and
– Students that have been retained during the current school year.
Language Enrichment
The Lycée International de Houston is committed to meeting the needs of students who are non-French or English language speakers and who require extra support to fully benefit from the school curriculum. A student is not considered to have a learning difficulty simply because the language that he/she speaks differs from the language in which he/she is taught. The identification and assessment of non-French and English language speakers who need support requires particular care.
French and/or English Language enrichment programs are language classes offered for student from Pk-12th grade to accelerate students’ language and literacy development. These classes give students extra help in reading, speaking, and listening, pronunciation, and more. FLE and ESL classes are schedule one or more days a week as needed.
Gifted and Talented Students
The Lycée International de Houston recognizes the special needs of students who are gifted and talented and is committed to providing for their needs within the daily activities of the school. Such needs are not defined in this document. However, in identifying, acknowledging, and supporting these needs the school and its team work closely with students, their parents.