Being Bilingual


Prix Albertine Jeunesse

Students share with us their bilingual written productions and artistic productions.

The students were able to summarize, present, analyze and give their reasoned opinions in French and English on each book.

In plastic arts, each student was able to choose his animal (real or imaginary) and made the profile representation, then produced his symmetrical inspired by the book “Eye for an eye”.

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Learning a second language is immensely important in a world that speaks hundreds. Language is not only a tool, but also a gateway to connect globally. Language gives access to rich cultures and more open minded to new things and new experiences because they have more than one view of the world already. They can also enlighten, by teaching about foreign traditions or speaking with other native speakers who study or practice in that language. Finally, it is a method of expressing yourself in ways that other parts of the world can understand. At Lycée International de Houston, we are committed to instill bilingual fluency in all of our students.

More Importantly, the benefits of bilingualism are not just social or academic. There are numerous reports that show neurological benefits emerging as a result of speaking two or more languages. In fact, a neuroscientist named Ellen Bialystok made great strides when she published her research on the subject. The study demonstrates both an increase in cognition and mental sharpness, as well as a correlation between bilingual speakers and the prevention or prolonging of the of Alzheimer’s Disease and its onset. This is an incredibly profound discovery that brings language to the forefront of well-being and self-improvement. We believe that the skills we teach our students can lead them to live fuller, healthier, and happier lives.


The LIH – Lycée International de Houston bilingual and bicultural program provides a well-balanced combination of the French structured learning methodology and the American pedagogical approach that encourages self-confidence, creativity and the respect of others. The cross-language transfer of skills takes place gradually over the years in order to insure a proper command of both languages.


Beyond Bilingualism

At Lycée International de Houston, we place immense value in bilingualism and multilingualism. For an education that develops the bilingual ability in our students, our classes are taught in both French and English. Staring first grade we introduce Spanish. They will study each language until graduation. Additionally, we also offer Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and German.