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What is an Annual Fund?

LIH FoundationDonations are raised for the Annual Fund by the LIH Foundation on a yearly basis to support the general operations of the school.

Support raised through the Annual Fund is instrumental to any organization’s development efforts. For LIH, the Annual Fund provides a reliable source of income that is necessary to maintain steady growth, a balanced budget, and help with forecasting as we plan for the future.

As an independent school, LIH does not receive money from local, state, or federal taxes. LIH relies on wise stewardship, tuition income, extracurricular activities, and contributions to the Annual Fund and other fundraising efforts in order to meet operating expenses.

This year our Annual Fund Goal is $50,000. We hope you consider pledging support. Annual Fund gifts have the greatest impact as they demonstrate commitment to the unique vision, mission, and core values of our school without associated event expenses. Proceeds from our Annual Fund support educational programming, curriculum development, and school enhancements. Annual Fund gifts are fully tax-deductible

We accept one-time gifts, quarterly, or monthly pledges, or gifts added onto tuition plans. We recognize there are varying means of giving within our community. Every gift matters, and any amount — no matter how small — is welcome and appreciated

We hope you consider donating today online, setting up an installment gift monthly or quarterly, or pledging to add to your tuition payment plan. For any questions or to set up a gift, please contact America Pereira.

Giving to the Annual Fund supports the following:

  • A monthly Annual Fund gift of $12 or $144 annually, would support a half-day workshop from a Science Expert.
  • A monthly Annual Fund gift of $25 or $300 annually, would support one additional classroom tablet or other device.
  • A monthly Annual Fund gift of $54 or $648 annually, would support 30% of professional development conference and travel costs for an educator.
  • A monthly Annual Fund gift of $108 or $1296 annually, would support Positive Discipline training for 4 staff members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: All of the money raised through our Annual Fund goes directly back to the school to help defray current-year operating expenses and supports the people and programs that make LIH so remarkable. Among many items, these investments include enhancing our innovative and challenging curricular program, improving our media and technology resources, recruiting new teachers who are passionate about our school, and providing professional development for our current dedicated faculty.

The Annual Fund provides “unrestricted” funding, which simply means the school is able to use it where it is needed most in order to provide our children with the best possible learning environment.

A: At LIH, we value both cultural and socio-economic diversity and strive to keep the one-of-a-kind education we offer affordable to as many families as possible.

Gifts to the Annual Fund may also qualify for a matching gift from your employer, which would allow you to double or even triple your support. A gift of $100 becomes a gift of $200! Tuition is not eligible for such matching gifts. If you are not sure if your employer matches gifts, please check with your HR department for assistance with the process.

A: In addition to the generous donations from the LIH community, support from other funders such as foundations, corporations, and other individuals is critical if we want to continue to grow and improve the school for our children. One hundred percent participation to the Annual Fund from our Board of Directors, staff, and parents shows that we have a solid base of support from our community.

Whether or not an organization has 100% financial participation from its community is a serious funder consideration before awarding grant support. By donating to the Annual Fund, your dollars help us raise more dollars. Your gift of $1000 might effectively turn into a gift of $1200 or $1500. Increasing participation is the most important goal of the Annual Fund drive – we need to reach 100% participation in the Annual Fund from our entire LIH community in order to be considered for potential grant funding which can advance our math and science programs, art and music programs, support professional development for our teachers, and much more.

With our strategy for the future in place and a renewed commitment to actively seek out and secure grants, being able to show complete support from our community will be a major factor in any grant maker’s decision whether to award us funding. Financial support from foundations and corporations will allow us to expand and enhance our school in incredible ways.

A: It is our hope that LIH will be among your family’s top philanthropic priorities. We want to reach our goal of $50,000 towards the 2019-2020 Annual Fund Drive. We recognize and understand that large gifts may be beyond the abilities of some families, and some families may be able to give much more. Above all, please know that EVERY gift to the Annual Fund is needed and greatly appreciated.

100% participation is most important to us, making each gift meaningful, no matter the amount. We hope that every family will give at the level they feel most comfortable. Whether it is a gift of $10 or $10,000, each gift represents your steadfast commitment to the success of our school, and we are truly grateful for your contribution. We thank you for your support!