French Scholarship


The Agency for French Education Abroad (A.E.F.E.) can provide French children residing abroad with schooling assistance in the form of scholarships, within the limits of available budgetary means.

The means-tested scholarships awarded cover all or part of the tuition fees involved. They may be awarded to children enrolled in the preschool, primary and middle and High school, and in post-baccalaureate classes (classes préparatoires and BTS) when these classes exist in French educational establishments abroad.

Registration for the French Scholarship is Closed for the first semester of this Academic Year.

For further details, you may consult Jacqueline Ayad, Executive Assistant at (832) 474-1013 or the Affaires Sociales, Service des Bourses at the Consulat Générale de France à Houston, Joëlle Koening, joelle.koening@diplomatie.gouv.fr, +1 346 272 5365