Our mission can be summarized in three words:


Upper school consist of 10th grade (seconde), 11th grade (première) and 12th grade (terminale). LIH is mindful of the physical and emotional development characterizing young adolescents. Their new relationship with themselves and their maturity are nurtured by our structured approach and the kindness we promote. Our students become aware of the complexity of the world through cross-disciplinary education. Each student becomes a citizen of the world, while maintaining their special place within the group. Our Upper School program brings our students towards responsible autonomy. Their well-being is at the very heart of our mission at LIH.


Our multilingual curriculum combines the best of the French education system with the American education system. Our innovative teaching methods are based on experience that is both rich and diverse, so that students can reach the best within themselves. Our curriculum consists of a minimum of three languages: English, French and Spanish. LIH also offers other languages including Arabic, German and Mandarin.

All subjects are taught by experienced teachers who are native speakers in the language of their instruction. Our program meets the standards of the French Ministry of Education. Our students are prepared for both American and French standardized tests. This double preparation is a unique feature of LIH. An in-depth knowledge of both European and American cultures allows our students to access the best universities. We support our students in opening their international horizons. Based on the latest research in neuroscience and linguistics, our curriculum also incorporates digital media.


Our Upper School curriculum is organized around the three following subjects:

  1. Science
  2. Economics and Social Studies
  3. Literature


We prepare our students to succeed at U.S. standardized testing and the French Baccalaureate and Franco-American Baccalaureate diplomas.


In order to help our children develop to their highest potential, we welcome a maximum of 15 students per class. This allows us to provide every student with personalized attention and follow-up care.


All our teachers have real-world experience and guide each student individually. All have experience working in international institutions within bilingual or multilingual programs.

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