Our mission can be summarized in three terms :


Under the French system, preschool comprises three levels: la petite section (PK3), la moyenne section (PK4) et la grande section (K). We use a socio-constructivist approach which respects the learning pace of each student. LIH fosters a climate of trust and respect where parents are our valued partners from day one. We wish for every student to succeed. We build on each student’s unique strengths and skills and let them develop their own identity through stimulating reflection, memorization and problem solving activities.


 Our program follows the requirements of the French Ministry of Education, whose demanding curriculum has a proven track record of success. The French National Education curriculum is learner-centered and focused on students’ needs. LIH welcomes children from 3 years old and offers an education that is context-based and tailored to the profile of every child, so they can develop their knowledge and skills to their highest potential. Our teachers use the latest findings in the fields of cognitive science and neurology to adapt their teaching and closely follow every child. Our learning environment is one that is calm and positive and our children learn in small groups.

Digital language (coding) is taught in addition to alphabetical languages (French and English). Using a playful approach to learn algorithms, students create, reason and cooperate around projects and activities. Students use programming basics and see their work evolve to their greatest satisfaction. When coupling language acquisition with mathematical principles in the execution of projects, students solidify and consolidate learning.

Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum starts from the moment your child enters LIH every day, with our morning ritual. This is a very important moment for our little ones as it marks their new school life rhythm. Every morning, our preschool parents can come to class with their child and participate in a 30-minute, semi-directed activity. This enables a smooth transition for the child, from their parent to their teacher.

Our curriculum is context-based and revolves around five main areas:

  1. Language acquisition ;
  2. Physical activity ;
  3. Art ;
  4. Structured thinking ;
  5. Discovery of the world.

55% of the curriculum is taught in French, 45% in English.

Student/Teacher ratio

We welcome a maximum of 12 children per class, with a ratio of 1 adult for 7 children.


All our teachers possess solid experience and give personalized attention to each student. All have experience working in international institutions within bilingual or multilingual programs.