Our mission can be summarized in three words:


Under the French system, Middle School consists of sixth (sixième), seventh (cinquième), eighth (quatrième) and ninth (troisième) grades. LIH is mindful of the physical and emotional development characterizing young adolescents. Their new relationship with themselves and their maturity are nurtured by our structured approach and the kindness we promote. Our students become aware of the complexity of the world through cross-disciplinary learning. Each student becomes a citizen of the world, while maintaining their special place within the group. Our Middle School program brings our students towards responsible autonomy. Their well-being is at the very heart of our mission at LIH. We encourage your child, our student, to learn responsibility and self- determination.


Our curriculum is thought-through, incremental and structured. We follow the requirements of the French Ministry of Education, whose demanding curriculum has a proven track record of success. The French National Education program is learner-centered and focused on students’ needs. LIH offers an education that is context-based and tailored to the profile of every child, so they can develop their knowledge and skills to their highest potential. Our teachers use the latest findings in the fields of cognitive science and neurology to adapt their teaching and closely follow every child. Our learning environment is one that is calm and positive and our children learn in small groups.

Teaching is structured in a cross-disciplinary way. For example, humanities include: literature, language studies, history, geography, civics and ethics; scientific studies include math, physics, chemistry, technology, natural and life sciences. Language instruction includes English and Spanish. Art includes visual arts and music. Our physical and sports education programs follow the requirements of the French Ministry of Education.


Our Middle School curriculum revolves around abstract thinking, modelling, creating and developing a sense of responsibility and volunteerism. Our environment fosters the respect of different cultural norms while supporting individual thinking.

The curriculum revolves around five main themes:

  1. Languages to think and communicate in
  2. Learning methods and tools
  3. Becoming adults and responsible citizens
  4. Natural and technical systems
  5. Representations of the world and human activity


We prepare students to succeed at U.S. standardized testing. We also prepare our students for the French « Brevet » diploma (Diplôme de Brevet des collèges) at the end of ninth grade.


In order to help our children develop to their highest potential, we welcome a maximum of 15 students per class. This allows us to provide every student with personalized attention and follow-up.


All our teachers have real-world experience and give personalized attention to each student. All of them have experience working in international institutions within bilingual or multilingual programs.

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