Interactive Tabletops

Lycée International de Houston has exercised the greatest of care in its choice of digital aids. For a long time, the interactive whiteboard was front and center in the classroom and was the standard of active teaching. The interactive whiteboard was an interesting aid but today, due to space constraints, it has become a tool of yesteryear. At LIH, interactive tabletops and projectors are used on the entire classroom surface. Although mainly used on the West Coast (i.e. in Silicon Valley) we have imported this technology to Houston so that our students may take advantage of these innovations.



Our educational programs are always chosen with care, using complementary learning aids. For us, the iPad is a very interesting tool that we put to multiple uses.  It is integrated interactively into the teaching process, both visual and auditory. The student’s creation of visual learning aids not only allows for the mastery of the tool itself but also for the sharing of classroom activities with one’s family… QR codes can be an incredible resource. Our teachers also create auditory aids to assist in language learning (French, English, Spanish and other languages).



Our use of computers is consistent with the curricula of the French Ministry of Education, which states that “all teaching should contribute to the development of methodological skills to increase learning efficiency and to contribute to each child’s success…. Reference tools such as libraries should be used. Learning resource centers and computers are crucial complementary aids….” in all subject areas beginning is Cycle 2.

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