Parents Organization

Welcome to Your Parents Organization

You are automatically a Parents Organization member if you are a parent or guardian at LIH, and this website is dedicated to you!

Because we pride ourselves on being a school community, the Lycée International de Houston Bilingual School offers a variety of programs and activities for students and non-students alike. With our Parents Organization, we welcome interested people to participate in our unique immersion experience.

Whether you are English or French speaking, there are plenty of opportunities to get together socially and interact – or volunteer – with other parents at welcome coffees, cocktails, special lectures on topics of interest to parents, as well as events that are part of the school’s rich cultural life. We invite you to contact the Parents Organization at parentsorganization@lihouston.org to learn more about the Parents Organization and why parents are proud to be part of the Lycée community.

Mission Statement

We, the parents of LIH students, have entered into a formal partnership with the Lycée International de Houston Bilingual School to support the growth and development of the parents and the students. It is the mission of the Parents Organization to work together in an inclusive community to support the students in their respective efforts to think critically, act responsibly and live virtuously and compassionately.





To foster close relationships among the parents, students, faculty and administration of the Lycée International de Houston Bilingual School.

To encourage the participation of parents in Lycée International de Houston Bilingual School activities Volunteering in the Parents Organization is a wonderful way to become acquainted with your child’s friends, faculty, administration and other parents.

There are positions that meet all levels of skills and time commitments, so if you would like to get involved, we have a place for you! Choose from several committees including class activities, communications, community relations, parent activities, parent education, or school services.


Once you have added/updated your information, you’ll have access to easy volunteering sign-ups and reminders, connect to our community, learn about the Parents Organization, and more. Signing up is easy and takes only a few minutes.