Francophonie: Share the World

The Lycée International de Houston is promoting the Francophonie: Share the World in Houston, Texas.

19 March 2021 9:00 am- please click here  to open the live Stream event on our school YouTube channel 

The Francophonie: Share the World promises to be one of the most exciting ever! Diversity plays an important role in LIH’s commitment to a global education, and Francophonie: Share the World gives our students a chance to share their traditional food, dress and culture with our community. During this time, our student will parade through the Olympic in their traditional dress. No journey would be complete without some music, and our Mr. Arnaud Renard will lead the students in song to highlight and celebrate their “Share the World” relationships:

  • Program- 9:00am Opening speech Alexia
    – 9:05 Prek3 and Kindergarten performances
    – 9:15 Decorations in the Atrium
    – 9:30 Song and dance « Magic in the Air! » by Magic System, Prek4 in music classroom
    – 9:45 Drama « Grammaire » and « La mauvaise note » by Michel Coulareau, 4th grade 2nd floor
    – 10:05 Song Francophonie, librairie 2nd grade
    – 10 :20 Scientist projects by hight school
    – 11:00 French Speeling bee 1st cafeteria

Our guests are invited to visit all corners of the globe by stopping by the country stalls set up by the parents. The country stalls will not only display the geography, history, music, and art from around the globe but also give our guests a chance to sample some international cuisine.

This event is part of the French Cultures Festival coordinated by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston, TX

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