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          Forging future leaders for a globalized world, right here in Texas.

          Future leaders are not born, they are educated. And now more than ever, the world needs great leaders. Give your young student the best opportunity to become one of them at the Lycée International de Houston.

          When you choose a school, you choose the community in which your child and your family will live and grow for the coming years. That community matters, immensely: it must enrich, support, and inspire your child and family, all in equal measure. Our community has prepared students to navigate the world with confidence and empathy. We achieve this through rigorous bilingual, French, and International Baccalaureate education programs, and a vibrant school culture strengthened by multilingual, multinational educators, and families. Your student will develop the integrity, intelligence, and adaptability that are integral to forging exceptional international leaders. Your student will learn to master French and helping them cultivate a well-rounded, open-minded, and respectful worldview.

        • Passport to the World

          We are delighted that you have decided to explore the Lycée International de Houston Bilingual School. We appreciate that choosing the right school for your child is an important decision and we are here to help as you move through the admissions process.

          Our school offers a unique opportunity for your child to become fully bilingual, opening up to your child a future that extends beyond borders! Give your child a head start through a bilingual educational experience unlike any other in a safe, fun, and enriching environment. Nurture your child’s natural talents, give them the advantage of knowing multiple languages and cultures, and help them realize their full potential as an internationally focused and empowered leader.

          The world needs leaders now more than ever — will your child be one of them?

        • Academics

          Creating Extraordinary Leaders Who Will Shape the 21st Century

          The Lycée International de Houston’s education is highly structured, rigorous, and inclusive. The curriculum is taught by highly motivated, supportive teachers who understand that establishing a relationship with your child unlocks the door to learning and future success. Your child will be empowered for both work and work ethic as we guide them academically and emotionally on their journey to becoming a strong leader.

          Our students pursue knowledge and understanding through deep inquiry. They develop critical thinking in order to better understand the complexity of the world and make wise choices. Our academic programs are enhanced by our world-class language immersion model. We are committed to help each student reach their highest possible level of language proficiency and to prepare them for our increasingly global, interconnected world.

        • School Life

          Serving the needs of the whole student

          Our mission is to develop our students not only as learners, but also as individuals and global citizens. Our approach to fostering individuals and citizens rests on our values of excellence, rigor, and kindness, which are integrated into everything we do.

          We encourage our students to discover new personal interests and develop their passions through a varied program of athletics, arts, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. Whether it is music, dance, painting, or badminton, fencing, or soccer; the Lycée International de Houston has the facilities guaranteed to provide your child with a top-tier education that extends far beyond the classroom. We nurture students as individuals, focusing on helping them acquire skills for life, including self-confidence, team spirit, creativity, initiative, leadership, and entrepreneurship. We give our students all of the tools to let them cultivate new interests and live an active lifestyle!

        • Community

          We are proud of the diverse and inclusive community we have created and nurtured at the Lycée International de Houston — a community comprised of families, students, faculty, and staff representing more than 50 nationalities.

          We believe that a cohesive community of individuals from many backgrounds — socio-economic, ethnic, racial, linguistic, national, religious, and sexual orientation — provides the ideal setting for the development of respect and understanding and helps prepare students to thrive, collaborate, and innovate in an increasingly global, interconnected world.

          We take it to heart to be very family-oriented, to work and learn together, from each other, to strengthen our bond as a community. This enables us to create a warm, welcoming, and nurturing learning environment for our children, in class and beyond, which, we believe, is critical to help them thrive and grow.

          Being able to be part of a community that is culturally diverse and yet that has so much in common gives all of us a chance to develop friendships, share and celebrate our love for the French language and francophone cultures (through our programs and events), and help children embrace their multicultural background and build their bilingual identity

        • Giving

          Lycée International de Houston welcomes students as young as 18 months all the way up to high school grade levels. With our International Baccalaureate Program, students will be prepared for whatever challenges they face all around the globe.


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The Lycée International de Houston Bilingual School community is at the heart of our school experience. All parents are warmly invited to join in as active members of this diverse, fun, and inclusive group. Parents can make friends, volunteer, attend events, and show school spirit by participating in the activities listed here. Bienvenue!

The Lycée International de Houston is promoting the Francophonie: Share the World in Houston, Texas.

19 March 2021 9:00 am- please click here  to open the live Stream event on our school YouTube channel 


The Francophonie: Share the World promises to be one of the most exciting ever! Diversity plays an important role in LIH’s commitment to a global education, and Francophonie: Share the World gives our students a chance to share their traditional food, dress and culture with our community. During this time, our student will parade through the Olympic in their traditional dress. No journey would be complete without some music, and our Mr. Arnaud Renard will lead the students in song to highlight and celebrate their “Share the World” relationships:

  • Program- 9:00am Opening speech Alexia
    – 9:05 Prek3 and Kindergarten performances
    – 9:15 Decorations in the Atrium
    – 9:30 Song and dance « Magic in the Air! » by Magic System, Prek4 in music classroom
    – 9:45 Drama « Grammaire » and « La mauvaise note » by Michel Coulareau, 4th grade 2nd floor
    – 10:05 Song Francophonie, librairie 2nd grade
    – 10 :20 Scientist projects by hight school
    – 11:00 French Speeling bee 1st cafeteria

Our guests are invited to visit all corners of the globe by stopping by the country stalls set up by the parents. The country stalls will not only display the geography, history, music, and art from around the globe but also give our guests a chance to sample some international cuisine.

This event is part of the French Cultures Festival coordinated by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston, TX

2020 LIH Premier Gala

“An Evening on the Red Carpet”

What an amazing night Saturday, March 7, 2020 was for the Lycée International de Houston’s 2020 Annual Gala, On the Red Carpet!

Sponsored and supported by the Parent Organization, the Lycée International de Houston’s first Annual Gala was where parents, friends, teachers, and staff gather together to share a lively glamorous evening of fine dining, entertainment, dancing, and silent auction bidding on fabulous auction items.

Our guests were greeted at the Marriott Hotel by the sounds of the Eleven Trio, dined on a three-course meal, and celebrated and generously supported our wonderful school during the silent auction.

A very special thank you to J. Grant Caplan and Steve Tesney for chairing this year’s extravaganza. The gala chairs and their dedicated committee members worked very hard this year to give us an LIH experience that we won’t soon forget.

On behalf of the students we serve, we send you our gratitude. We are thrilled so many of you came out to support our school and grateful to anyone who donated their time. Thank you for making the gala a tremendous success!