About Community

More than 45 different nationalities are represented at the Lycée International de Houston, yet our community finds commonality in deeply-held values.

A belief in the benefits of bilingualism. A particular interest in the French and American cultures. A desire to ensure our children become not just great students, but good people. And perhaps most importantly of all, a recognition that we’re all better off when we work with each other, support each other, and have fun with each other. From the long-term strategies we shape, to the classroom experiences we create, to the social events we sponsor, our faculty, staff, parents, and board members put our shared values to work for our school and our students, every day.

LIH families and staff come from all over the world, meaning cultures and languages beyond the ones we officially offer are represented and celebrated within our community. Between our Events, target language program festivals, a Parents Association, and other offerings far beyond the classroom, being a part of LIH is being part of a global community unlike any other – right here in the heart of Houston.

Whether you are English or French speaking, there are plenty of opportunities to get together socially and interact – or volunteer – with other parents at welcome coffees, cocktails, special lectures on topics of interest to parents, as well as events that are part of the school’s rich cultural life.
We invite you to contact the Parents Organization  at parentsorganization@lihouston.org to learn more about the Parents Organization and why parents are proud to be part of the Lycée community.