Julie Bastien – Teacher of the Month (February 2020)

Julie Bastien - Teacher of the Month February 2020

At Lycée International de Houston We are pleased to announce that our February 2020 Teacher of the Month recipient is Mrs. Julie Bastien! Please take a moment to read the comments from our outstanding Teacher of the Month winner:

On February 24th, 2020, I received the title of teacher of the month. I thank the school for this award.

Since childhood, I have been drawn to science, from rocks to stars. I also devoted my studies and some hobbies to it. Now I really enjoy sharing science with my students and I do my best to stimulate their curiosity every day.

February 24th, 2020, the last hidden figure, Katherine Johnson, died. I take this opportunity to honor her. For those who don’t know her, I invite you to discover the fascinating and inspiring story of this brilliant physicist, mathematician and engineer.

Tomorrow, I’ll take care to share her story with my students. May it inspire them.

“Like what you do. And then you will do your best.” Katherine Johnson

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  • Margaret Combs
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    A huge congratulations to our February Teacher of the Month, Julie Bastien! Ms. Bastien teaches middle school science and math classes at Lycée International de Houston. We here at LIH are particularly fond of Ms. Bastien, who collaborated this year for the Castor and Kangaroo Contest. One staffer commented that “Ms. Bastien was a dream collaborator for this project,” in part because she knows her students well and tirelessly pushes them to be the best they can be.

    Ms. Bastien is a patient, kind, and dedicated educator. One student reflected that Ms. Bastien provided constant encouragement during math classes. “She always told me I could do it,” she remembers. Ms. Bastien also cares deeply about her students. As one of her students remarked, “She always tries her best so that we can do our best; she always gives us everything.” And this “rapport based on mutual respect,” as one LIH staff member commented, makes her students do their best to make her proud.

    Finally, Ms. Bastien is committed to making education available and equitable for all of her students. As a colleague of hers said, “Julie Bastien is a hard-working teacher who respects her students’ right to learn; by this, I mean that she reflects on her teaching practice and modifies her instruction and content to meet the academic needs of her students.” By opening herself to constructive feedback, Ms. Bastien continues to hone her craft. “In time,” this colleague concluded, “Julie will be a leader of teachers.”

    Way to go, Ms. Bastien! We have had a lot of fun collaborating with you this trimester, and we are grateful to have amazing educators like you in our community.

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