Admission FAQ

A: Many of our students arrive at LIH without any previous exposure to English, and nearly all of them go on to excel in both languages.

Our la Crèche and prekindergarten classrooms create a welcoming environment where children can gradually become comfortable with English, and all of our programs are designed to support the academic success of all students regardless of the language spoken at home.

A: The Lycée International de Houston offers a Need-based Tuition Assistance program to help families who demonstrate need to bridge the gap between what they are able to contribute financially towards their child’s tuition and the full annual tuition fee. This program reflects LIH’s core values as a school that values diversity and equity. LIH does not receive any external funding for its tuition assistance program but considers this as a priority and funds it through its operating budget. Families are eligible to apply for LIH’s Need-Based Tuition Assistance Program regardless of grade level, language background, or language track.

Tuition assistance packages are offered to as many qualifying families as possible, but LIH does not have the means to extend assistance to all families who apply and qualify.

Families should indicate their intention to apply for this program when they complete their child’s admissions application.

A: Students are required to be in a uniform during school hours. Our uniform is made up of specific items and colors. Please visit this page for more information.

A: LIH does offer private bus transportation. There are multiple bus routes available in the Houston area for an additional fee. However, the school may cancel a route if the number of riders hinders the financial viability of the route. Please go to our website at Transportation.

A: STUDENT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE CELL PHONES. If they bring a cell phone, it must be turned off and stowed in their backpack or locker for the entire school day.

A: LIH provides a morning and afternoon snack for children from Petite Section (Pre-Kindergarten 3) to Terminale (12th grade).

In addition, LIH provides a hot lunch delivered daily by the food caterer that is working with the school for Petite Section (Pre-Kindergarten 3) to Terminale (12th grade).

Parents of a child(ren) in la Crèche and TPS/Pre-Kindergarten 2 must provide snacks and lunch.

A: All of the teachers in our French program (including in our preschool/TK program) are native speakers.

At the Lower School, including at the Preschool, all of our core subject teachers hold credentials from either the French Ministry of Education or the State of Texas.

At the Middle and High School, all of our teachers hold either a credential or an advanced degree in the subject they teach. All of the teachers in our English program are fully credentialed.

A: As a school that has begun the accreditation process by the Ministry of France, LIH students have the opportunity to take the Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB), which is a series of examinations in support of the curriculum of France. The DNB assesses the knowledge and skills students have acquired by the end of middle school, and includes tests in math, French, history-geography, science and an oral exercise that could focus on art or citizenship. Tests are externally marked, providing students with an external measure of their competencies, skills and knowledge. As well, students gain the opportunity to broaden their academic portfolio with a recognized diploma from France.

A: Homework at LIH starts in first grade. Homework almost always include an independent reading time. Additionally, our students have a short assignment that review/rework a concept seen that same day at school.

This is a good way for a child to memorize and practice a new concept, but also for parents to see the learning process, and know what is happening in their child’s school life. The students are always able to understand what is asked of them and do not usually need any support from a parent/adult.

Your child also has the option of Etude (Study Hall) for CP/1st grade to CM2/5th grade. Parents can allow their child to go to Etude on any given day from Monday to Friday from 3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Three (3) days a week there is French homework support and two (2) days a week English homework support. Children will be grouped by grade level and will have the opportunity to do their homework, after a snack and a brief recess.

A: LIH students, faculty, staff and families come from many different origins. About one-third of our students are French nationals and another third are American, but we welcome students from more than 35 different countries around the world, including China, Belgium, Lebanon, Nigeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Switzerland, Canada, and Brazil, among many more.

As published in k12.niche.com, LIH is the Most Diverse Private High School in Houston area

A: A third language, Spanish, is introduced in CM1/4th grade until graduation. In addition, students can choose Arabic, German, or Mandarin-Chinese.

A: The reading and study skills learned in French transfer into English and the reading and study skills learned in English transfer to French. That is, once a child has grasped that letters make sounds, and sounds combine to make words, that skill is applicable to any language with the same alphabet. Both French and English language are taught 5 hours a week.

Bilingualism enhances children’s understanding of the workings of language, and—since one-third of the words in English are of French origin—knowledge of French helps build vocabulary for reading in English.

A: Nearly one third of our students arrive at LIH without any previous exposure to French, and nearly all of them go on to excel in both languages.

Our la Crèche and prekindergarten classrooms create a welcoming environment where children can gradually become comfortable with French, and all of our programs are designed to support the academic success of all students regardless of the language spoken at home.

A: Since bilingualism makes it easier to learn a third language, children whose families speak a language other than English or French tend to thrive at LIH.

A: One of the great joys at the Lycée International de Houston is experiencing how French and English are spoken and “mixed” among our students across all the grade levels. Generally speaking, in the lower levels, the children speak the language they, or their friends, are most comfortable in. In the upper levels, English tends to be spoken more between students outside of class. Vive la difference!

A: LIH offers both a bilingual and bicultural curriculum. French and English are the languages of learning. Our program is an authentic mix of both the curriculum of French government taught by French-speaking teachers, and the standards adopted by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each subject of the required English curriculum. Our students are prepared for the renowned French Baccalaureate exams, as well as American college preparatory classes and tests like the SAT and ACT.

In la Crèche (18 months) to Terminale (12th grade), students are taught by a teaching team of French and English-speaking teachers, with 55% of their classroom time in French and 45% in English.

All LIH students are remarkably bilingual and bicultural, with an extraordinary ability to move seamlessly between the two core languages and cultures of the school–a special preparation for college life and beyond to be sure!

A: Afternoons at Lycée International de Houston are filled with fun options: Aftercare, enrichment classes, etude/study hall, and extracurricular activities. Learn more about the afterschool care at Afterschool.

In addition to Winter and Summer breaks, LIH is closed for one week in October, one week in February, and one week in April. During these three breaks, LIH is open with day camp options for all of our children. Days of camp can be purchase one by one as needed, or you can decide to sign up for all of them. Please click on the Camps website link.

A: The school opens at 7:30 and parents are allowed to drop-off their (child(ren) at this time and this service is included in tuition.Extended Day care runs from 3:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. for all grades for a fee.

A: La Crèche to TPS/Pre-Kindergarten 2: 7:50 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.Preschool (PS/MS/ Pre-Kindergarten 3

A: Once your child is enrolled at LIH, you will be receiving a new parent agreement for the following school year, at the end of January*. You will have a few weeks to decide if you wish to re-enroll at LIH. Please know that a reservation fee of 10% of your child’s annual tuition is due when you sign your parent agreement.

*Unless a student status is put on “hold” by the Business office or the Academic department.

A: Acceptance letters are sent once the enrollment process is complete and the decision to accept is made, the exact date may vary, depending on the date of application. It is very important for us to hear from our current family’s intention for re-enrollment as well as enrollment of potential siblings.

A: Following the French Ministry of Education’s policies, prospective students registered in a school accredited by the French Government are admitted on the basis of school records and teacher recommendations. In some cases, the Lycée International de Houston will contact the Head of School or teachers of the applicant’s school for further information.

In the case of children who live in the Houston area, or those visiting the area, an evaluation to determine placement is also customary.

Applicants from Grades One through Twelve applying are required to take an entrance exam in French, English, and Math. High school applicants are also asked to take a Science exam. For applicants living abroad, the exams will be administered by a local appointed administrator when possible.

A: It is important for our Director of Admissions with the support of the academic faculty and staff to know each applicant and families. It is helpful for decision on admission but also to help with classroom placement later, once a child is accepted into the program. The preschool interviews are designed to help the school staff assess a few key developmental milestones, including the child’s ability to:

answer questionsfollow simple instructionsanswer questions, even ones that may be open-ended or a bit difficultrecognize letters, numbers, and shapessolve simple problems
so as to enable any required learning support. School interviews also let the child’s readiness for kindergarten entry and help to get to know a student beyond the academics. In addition, it helps parents to question and ask anything they would like to know about a school.

There is no need to prepare for the interview, just make sure your child had a good night sleep, and a snack before our meeting time. Please make sure to reschedule if your child is not feeling well on the day of her/his interview.

A: Children with no prior exposure to the French language can attend LIH’s Preschool and Kindergarten. Starting in First Grade, we find that students who do not speak any French have a hard time keeping up with the curriculum, as 55% of it is conducted in French; therefore, parents will need to ensure their student gets the additional language support in the afternoon to help the student reach fluency in French (typically it takes three (3) years to reach grade level proficiency). Starting in 6ème/6th grade though students with no prior French language experience can join the LIH Middle School in the new international track, slated to open in September 2020.

A: Lycée International de Houston welcome children starting at age 18 months in its dedicated “la Crèche Section”. Children in la Crèche and PK2/TPS, and PK3/PS do not have to be potty trained to be enrolled in this class.

A: All students must provide a copy of their immunization records before the first day of class. LIH uses Magnus Health for all student medical information. A link to Magnus will be placed on our website and parents will be asked to fill electronic forms and upload documents before the start of classes in August.

Immunization documents must be translated if not in the English language. For a list of immunizations required by the State of Texas, please see: https://dshs.texas.gov/immunize/school/school-requirements.aspx

A: Once the application submitted in My Backpack and approved, parents will see the requirements for the for which grade they are applying. Documents may include but not limited to:

A birth certificate, or a copy of passport/visa, or permanent residency
A recent photo of the applicant
Copies of report cards/Bulletins or progress reports for current and past year (if the child is attending a school or a daycare center)
School transcripts when applicable
Certificat de Scolarité (Official Enrollment Status) when applicable, in absence of first report cards
Exéat (Certificate of Exit) when applicable
Results of the standardized test scores -ISEE, TAKS, STAAR, ERB etc. (if available)
Recommendation form completed by the child’s current teacher (if the child is attending a school or a daycare center)
Evaluation and/or assessment as needed

A: LIH has rolling enrollment meaning application are applications are evaluated as thy are received until we have filled all the slots for their incoming class for both the current year and the next academic year.

A: To begin the enrollment process, the first step is to submit the online application for admissions. Go to the How to Apply webpage. Clicking on this link. You will be redirected to the My Backpack login page to create an account. In My Backpack complete the application form to enroll your child.

LIH has rolling enrollment, thus, students are accepted throughout the year. Please review the application requirements according to the grade/program your child will be applying to enter. Completed files will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and notification of decisions will be sent to parents after the decision is reached.

A: The Office of Admissions is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Parents are welcome to drop-in or to send an email to admission@lihouston.org to set an appointment.

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