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Every aspect of the bilingual curriculum and instruction at Lycée International de Houston is designed to be excellent – providing students opportunity to gain content and skills of the highest quality. We also feel it is essential to include learning in any discussion of academic knowledge.

We provide an academic program that is rigorous, supporting the development of deep understanding through strong instructional practices. At the same time, we recognize that students must also develop skills for learning to prepare them for the content of the future. The world that our students will enter as adults will not be the same one we live in now. We focus on developing learners to assure that our students will be prepared for that world.

We believe that every child is born a perfect learner. With enthusiastic curiosity, a tireless desire to problem solve, and a fearless interest in new experiences. Our job as a school is to nourish those innate qualities by keeping stride with resources, opportunities, models and challenges that encourage that instinctive desire to understand, grow and contribute.

Our students can count on professionals to help them pursue their passions and foster creativity and collaboration.



Lycée International de Houston bilingual and bicultural program provides a well-balanced combination of the French structured learning methodology and the American pedagogical approach that encourages self-confidence, creativity and the respect of others. The percentage of instruction between French and English is apportioned 55% and 45% respectively. The cross-language transfer of skills takes place gradually over the years in order to insure a proper command of both languages.


Detailed Curriculum and Schedule


Preschool La Maternelle pic

La Crèche – 18-month-old
Toute Petite Section – (TPS – PK2)
Petite Section – (PS – PK3)
Moyenne Section – (MS – PK4)

Elementary School École Élémentaire pic

Grande Section – (GS – KG)
Cours Préparatoire – (CP – 1st grade)
Cours Élémentaire 1 – (CE – 2nd grade)
Cours Élémentaire 2 – (CE – 3rd grade)
Cours Moyen 1 – (CM1 – 4th grade)
Cours Moyen 2 – (CM2 – 5th grade)

Middle School Le Collège pic

6ème – 6th grade
5ème – 7th grade
4ème – 8th grade
3ème – 9th grade

High School Le Lycée pic

2nde – 10th grade
1ère – 11th grade
Terminale – 12th grade

Beyond Bilingualism


At Lycée International de Houston, we place immense value in bilingualism and multilingualism. For an education that develops the bilingual ability in our students, our classes are taught in both French and English. After 4th grade on, Spanish is mandatory also. They will study each language until graduation. Additionally, we also offer Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and German.