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The Lycée International de Houston (LIH) is the ONLY  bilingual private school in the Houston area who shares a global perspective and value international education. The only school of its kind in the Houston area, the Lycée International de Houston’s innovative approach, high academic standards, and supportive multicultural community stimulates independent thinking, builds confidence, and broadens perspectives, laying the foundation for success in the global community.


Founded in 2017, LIH offers a dual-language immersion program in French and English using the rigors of the French Ministry of Education (AEFE) analytical thinking paired with the dynamism of American Curriculum. LIH offers a unique educational opportunity to students who wish to develop the skills necessary to become serious lifelong learners. Students from all cultures and all backgrounds can benefit from the in-depth college prep curriculum we offer that promotes excellence in education with a global perspective for our Creche (18 months) through 12th grade students. Students at LIH can choose to continue their studies in French and prepare for the French Baccalauréat (Le Bac) or over the course of Grade 11 and Grade 12, students can earn the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program. Both educational programs are highly regarded for their rigor and strength in preparing students for university and beyond.

Learning a language is a most rewarding intellectual adventure for young minds. Becoming truly bilingual, especially in our culturally immersive environment, opens students up to other cultures in a genuine way. Students gain a deeper understanding of the values, beliefs and customs of other cultures and an ability to move seamlessly between them. We cannot think of a more valuable preparation for life in our globally connected century.

Our aesthetically impressive 10-acre campus is located in the heart of the Energy Corridor. Our unique location provides opportunities to equip students for success beyond the classroom. The chance to live, grow, and study in an environment like no other..

Margaret Combs, Head of School, provides educational and administrative leadership for LIH.


Students can benefit in many ways from participating in bilingual education programs or classrooms. Some of the benefits of bilingual education relate to intellect. For example, research has shown that students who can speak and write in multiple languages have cognitive advantages over their monolingual peers. Those who learn a second or third language from a young age are able to develop communication skills and a higher degree of literacy. Children who grow up in bilingual environments develop a keen awareness of how language works and have a stronger foundation for learning additional languages in the future.

Students can also benefit academically from bilingual education. Students who pursue higher education are typically required to take a foreign language at the collegiate level, so those who have been exposed to bilingual educational environments before college—and speak two or more languages—have an advantage over their peers. They can advance in their studies and feel comfortable with multiple communities of students on their campuses.


Three vital concepts in a bilingual school are collaboration, harmonization, and co-teaching.  Collaboration refers to the time teachers spend together to plan instruction – this is crucial especially when French and English co-teach the same students.  In order to deliver a harmonized bilingual curriculum, our teachers spend a great deal of time collaborating together.

All teachers are native speakers in their language of instruction. Our French and English teachers are experienced professionals. Their mission is to support each student individually towards their academic and personal goals, by being approachable and welcoming, forging great relationships with both students and parents.




  • Houston’s ONLY Bilingual School from La Creche (18 months) – 12th.
  • Private Bilingual education in Houston, Texas
  • Low Teacher-student ratio (1:8)
  • Differentiated learning- linking the academic goals of the curriculum with students’ diverse interests and capacities.
  • Individualized learning – teaching strategies that meet an individual student’s needs.
  • Analytical skills and rigorous reasoning through the French curriculum in Houston, Texas.
  • Creativity through the American educational approach.
  • An international track with the International Baccalaureate, French Baccalauréat, and French- American Baccalaureate Diploma Programmes.
  • An international community made up of more than 45 nationalities.


  • Student to teacher ratio: 1:8
  • Curriculum: International Baccalaureate, French Baccalauréat, and French- American Baccalaureate Diploma Programmes,
  • Classrooms:  State-of-the-art technology used in all classrooms to promote collaboration, exploration and differentiated instructions
  • Languages of Instruction:  French, English and Spanish
  • Languages:  French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, German
  • Grades:  La Creche (18 months) – 12th (Childcare, Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, High school)
  • Established:  August 2017
  • Mascot:  Bulls
  • Color(s):  Blue, Grey, and White
  • Motto:  Empowering students to become knowledgeable, understanding, and open minded
  • Head of School:  Margaret Combs
  • Campus:  10 Acres with an Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Field
  • Faculty:  41% hold advanced degrees; 83% are bilingual; 12.3 average years of teaching experience
  • Traditions:  International Day, Bull Run, Francophonie Day, Spirit Week, Cinco de Mayo, Winter Program, Halloween  Parade, Pumpkin Patch, Egg Hunt, Talent Show, Graduation
  • Athletics:  Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer, Track and Field

The Lycée International de Houston is authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. The International Baccalaureate World Schools are regarded as the gold standard of education around the world, the IB Diploma Program is offered in 138 countries. It is recognized by the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world, including Harvard and MIT.

We are excited to announce that the Lycée International de Houston is accredited (‘Homologation”) by the French Ministry of Education (AEFE).The Lycée International de Houston is now part of the extensive AEFE network of nearly 500 French schools with over 370,000 students enrolled in 139 countries. Learn More