Interim Head of School


Welcome returning and new students to Lycée International de Houston! We are excited to begin our  2019-2020 academic year, as many great things are in store for us at LIH as we begin the journey of introducing the International Baccalaureate requirements into our bilingual curriculum. Dual Language Immersion education is grounded in the principles of additive bilingualism and cultural pluralism. This orientation views language and culture as a resource, and thus, being bilingual and bicultural as being resource-rich. The goals of dual language immersion education are: (1) high levels of academic achievement in two languages, (2) bilingualism and biliteracy, (3) encompasses culturally responsive learning environments that value inclusivity, equity and the differences of all students and the surrounding communities, (4) develops students to be adaptive, open-minded, culturally competent and globally aware. We are committed to ensuring that all children reach their potential and that we are providing students, parents, and community advocates with a warm, welcoming environment where students can experience success in a school culture that inspires dreams, builds compassion, and opens minds!

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