Catherine Prié Leray


I am truly delighted to become part of the Lycée International de Houston!

I was born and educated in France. Graduated from the French National Education and holding a master’s degree in management, I served as a primary school teacher and then as Head of School.

My directorship experience spans across all levels of the French education. I was the head of both a middle and high school for 9 years.

At the LIH, in a context of true bilingualism and multiculturalism, we will welcome students from all backgrounds and all nationalities in a safe and caring environment. We will guide them to become confident, caring and open-minded critical thinkers.

This extraordinary diversity is an asset of which we are extremely proud. Our students understand from the beginning that differences and otherness are the wealth of the world, great sources of discovery and personal enrichment.

They will be encouraged to question, create and explore the world they live in to become true actors of their own education. They will be able to develop to their full potential.

At the crossroads of French and American cultures, we have strengthened the French schools academic and pedagogical approach by integrating the American methodology in terms of personal development, autonomy, self-confidence and creativity.

Together with parents and students as partners and members of our community, we will help your children bring out the best of themselves.

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