School Uniforms

The LIH uniform consists of a cotton, polo style t-shirt embroidered with the LIH logo. The polo is white or grey and must be purchased from Parker School Uniforms.

All preschool and lower school students must wear a navy blue skirt, pants or bermuda short, which may be purchased at either Parker’s or a store of your choice.

All middle and upper school students must wear a grey skirt or pant, which may be purchased at either Parker’s or a school of your choice.

Please note that jeans, ripped pants and clothes that are too short are not allowed on campus. Underwear must not be visible. We ask that jewelry be kept to a minimum so as not to pose a safety hazard. Facial jewelry is not allowed, apart from small earrings for girls.

Shoes must be of neutral color and closed: flip-flops, crocs are not allowed for safety reasons, neither are shoes on wheels or with lights, or shoes of flashy colors. Socks should be either grey, white or blue. Hair must be kept neat and tidy and of natural color (no hair color such as blue or red). Hair accessories such as bows should be either white, blue or grey. Hats and caps may not be worn indoors. Nail polish should remain neutral. Conspicous symbols and commercial logos are not allowed.

How to shop for Parker School Uniforms:

  • Shop at the Memorial Store:

    • Location:
      • 12524 Memorial Drive
      • Houston, Texas 77024
    • Hours:
      • Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm
      • Saturday: 10am-3pm
      • Friday & Sunday: Closed
  • Shop by phone at 713-465-1635